Thursday, 19 October 2017

Pukka Herbs Sell Out to Corporate Giant

In 2001 herbalists Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell founded Pukka Herbs, specializing in Ayurvedic herbal teas and a small range of practitioner products. I used to sell the teas at clinic as they were generally of excellent quality, but also because of the company's ethically-focused fair trade and sustainable organic farming policies. As of 2017 Pukka have become the world leader in herbal teas with a £30 million market and 30% growth according to NPG.
It was therefore deeply disappointing to find the company had been bought out by transnational behemoth Unilever. Given Unilever's dreadful track record all the sugar-coated excuses and wet corporate remonstrances from Pukka's former owners are meaningless. Many small independent health stores will soon find they cannot compete with the big supermarkets, which will lose them custom. Another nail in the coffin of the ethical business model. I will no longer be stocking their products.

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  1. Thanks for this info. Never even knew that Pukka had been bought off.
    Off for another foray into the web to identify a more world friendly tea that helps me daily :(