Saturday, 25 January 2014

Aromatic Medicine

The use of aromatics goes back to the Sumerian and Babylonian cultures but became more fully realised in the Egyptian dynasties. Today many people are familiar with aromatherapy but less so with aromatology and use of essential oils within herbal medicine.

I have been trying to encourage the teaching of a wider therapeutic form of aromatology within herbal medicine so it was a pleasure to catch up with my old friend Nikki Darrell and co-host a weekend workshop at Coachford Co Cork in aromatic medicine.

Nikki runs a herb school teaching a very genuine form of traditional herbal medicine which is otherwise in danger of getting lost in many of the overly-academical institutions who seem more concerned with ingratiating themselves to reductionist paradigms and the dogma of scientism than perpetuating the great heritage, art and philosophy of Western Herbal Medicine.

The school runs a number of courses throughout the year as well as full apprenticeships leading to practitioner qualification. For further info visit Veriditas Hibernica. I will no doubt be back teaching there again at some point.

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