Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Interview with Health News Ireland on Echinacea

As some of you may know many herbalists have been a little dismayed at certain statements made by regulators in regards to the safety and efficacy of certain herbal medicines.

Appropriate use of herbal medicines is very safe and effective - the rule of caveat emptor (buyer beware) dictates that when something doesn't work or is damaging to health people will stop buying and using it.

Echninacea, with over 500 documented years of use, and with millions in sales annually suggests this remedy is not only safe but also effective.

Then MHRA/IMB suggests that according to a handful of monographs which they sent on request the herb is suddenly unsafe. Most of the monographs they sent were unreferenced so I was unable to scrutinize the information. Unreferenced statements are just that... statements.

I would be very happy to support the decision the regulators made if the evidence was there but one cannot independently verify it.

I will be putting together a little something on all of this in the near future - watch this space.

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