Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Body & Soul Festival

I will be speaking and doing a herb walk at the Body & Soul Festival as part of the HerbBís Project on the 18th and 19th June.

The team behind HerbBís is made up of herbalists, naturopaths, students of herbal and naturopathic medicine, horticulturalists and artists who all share a love of plants and believe in preserving and promoting the art of herbal lore in Ireland.

The HerbBís itself is an interactive herb garden installation that will travel to various destinations around the country, showcasing many of these wonderful plants and offering a chance for people of all ages to identify and connect with the plants and learn more about their folklore and invaluable role in treating common ailments as well as maintaining health and wellbeing.

The HerbBís project is an initiative which aims to educate and provide information on the use of herbs and plants for their medicinal and therapeutic application in modern day Ireland as has been done for thousands of years.

We aspire to highlight the current state of herbal medicine in Ireland and how decisions being made by our elected leaders may affect the choices we will have regarding access to and use of plant medicines as a healthcare choice for generations to come. We will also be providing a platform where people can get involved and add their voices to the many that are passionate about this ‘commons’ and insist that their heritage be protected.

HerbBís believe in community, co-operation, conservation, education and engagement and we hope that the HerbBís will encourage others to learn more about the medicine that nature provides to us all so abundantly.

HerbBís programme

6 pm Talk with Danny O'Rawe

10 am Herb walk with Danny O'Rawe & John Maher
12 noon Talk with Gaby Wieland
6 pm Talk with Vilma Matuleviciute

I'll also be speaking at the HerbBís Project at the Electric Picnic Festival later in the year.

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